Design Process
Initial consultation is done either at our office/showroom or your new house.  The information we need to give the most accurate bid are:
1.  House Blueprints
2.  Pictures or magazine cut outs of the style and special features you like.
3.  Appliance information model numbers and/or size of audio/visual equipment.

MAC Cabinets, LLC will work up an initial bid based on measurement and information you  provided to give you a realistic budget.  At this point we use our dedicated cabinet design software and produce the design drawings.  They consist of a top view, face view and a 3-D design of each room and every cabinet.

The next step is we go to your job site and verify all dimensions for accuracy.  At this point we can set up a final meeting to finalize any design changes that you may want to make.

When all changes are made, you will simply sign on the drawings, confirming that everything is designed the way you specified.  Once this is done you are put into MAC Cabinets, LLC production schedule which normally is 2 to 4 weeks out from sign-off to install.
Construction Process
Cabinets today can be built out of many different woods, limitless door styles and hardware options.  We only use solid hardwood crown and various other molding, wood carvings and inlays to make your cabinet one of a kind.  You are not limited by stock cabinet sizes or limited selection of wood types.  At MAC Cabinets, LLC, all cabinets are built to 1/16th of an inch and out of any wood type you desire.

Construction Techniques
MAC Cabinets, LLC start the cabinet making process with the highest quality hardwood lumber and veneer core plywood available.  The bulk of our machining is done on our 5'x10' omni-tech/Anderson PAL CNC router.  The speed, precision and quality product produced is second to none.  The 10 horse power router with automatic tool changer, cuts and machines all the dados for all the cabinet and drawer boxes.  It also drills all holes for hardware or adjustable shelving.  In addition we have a label maker that labels every part the router cuts out so that it can easily be tracked from cut-out to delivery.  MAC Cabinets, LLC also employ many other digital/computerized off cut saws and wide belt sanders.  To keep our tolerances as tight as possible.

Cabinet Doors
One of the most important and most visual part of your cabinets are the doors.  At MAC Cabinets, LLC we offer many style of raised panel, flat panel or applied molding doors.  MAC Cabinets, LLC also manufactures more than 10 different styles of one piece MDF doors made on our CNC router.